Sally Eggleston


I have spent my entire career working with cancer patients.  I am a trained radiation therapist, have educated radiation therapy students, and have been an oncology consultant for cancer facilities and physicians across the United States.   I then became a Triple Negative Breast Cancer patient.    Because of my background, I knew exactly what my treatment regimen would be, what associated side effects to expect, and how many months I would be treated, but I was not aware how emotional this journey would be - not just during treatment, but in the months and even years afterward. 


As a patient, I became acutely aware of what was missing in cancer treatment – the emotional support, someone I could speak to about my fears of dying, someone who didn’t need me to be brave.  Most importantly, I needed someone who could provide me with some tools to learn to navigate the “new” me.  


As I researched, I found The Cancer Journey Institute and their Cancer Coaching Certification program.  Through the program, I have gained skills and tools that complement my clinical training, and enable me to provide that needed support for other cancer patients.   As a Cancer Journey Coach, I am now willing and able to walk your Cancer Journey with you!

Cancer Journey Coaching.png